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Hand Built Instruments by Rod Neep

My interest in instruments led to me start making some of my own, but I wouldn't describe myself as a luthier, just someone who gains enjoyment from making instruments and then making music with something that I have made with my own hands. I have an eye for detail and aesthetics, and I don't stray too far from being a traditionalist in the instruments that I make.

I may sell my hand made instruments occasionally, but I don't take orders for particular instruments to be made. I have already retired from my own businesses, and I don't want to make a business out of making instruments. This is for my fun and enjoyment.

So when people ask for an instrument, then I'll tell them to wait until I have one that they like, or a few to choose from. Sure, I'll be happy to add you to a list of people who would like one, and then give them first choice of a particular instrument as their name comes to the top of the list. But I won't be making custom built instruments to order.

I may also have other instruments for sale occasionally, in addition to various other items that I make, such as straps, etc.

Ukulele made by Rod Neep 2008

Appalachian Dulcimer made by Rod Neep 2008

Bowed Psaltery made by Rod Neep 1977

Violin made by Rod Neep 2008

Rod Neep

Above: Koa ukulele by Rod Neep

Primarily I am a player and singer, with particular interests in the guitar, ukulele, mandolin and violin, but I have also been known to play several other instruments at times. I began playing guitar in the 1950s and recorded several albums.


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